Thursday, September 6, 2012

My favorite blog...incase you were wondering.

As an erratic, 21-year-old girl and a newcomer to the blog world, I struggled when it came to finding something to grasp my attention.  I'm hard to please when it comes to sports reporting, probably because my attention span resembles that of a goldfish.  One minute I'm interested in where Andrew McCutchen ranks in Pirate history, the next minute I'm more concerned about which ball park will serve me the best corn dog.  For those of you on the same brainwave as me, allow me to introduce you to a blog called SportsCracklePop.  Let me break it down for you.

Growing up under the influence of a former quarterback and religious sports fanatic, I quickly became bored with the same old television and radio talk show rundowns and recaps of games.  SportsCracklePop informs you on major sporting events, but its focus is more on the sports world in relation to pop culture.  Talk about a breath of fresh air; I am so tired of hearing about the rapid growing number of Kardashian babies and marriages.  I would much rather learn how to play "invisible football" with Tom Brady, which brings me to point number two.

This blog is hilarious.  Who wouldn't want to rehash the Mississippi State football team pileup while they rushed into the jam-packed David Wade Stadium before getting past the smoke machine?  SnapCracklePop doesn't focus on the dry cut facts like most sports blogs.  It leaves plenty of wiggle room to squeeze in my kind of humor.  There hasn't been a time where I stumbled upon the site without cracking a smile.  This scores major bonus points in my play book.

Another point-scoring feature is the fact that it doesn't involve much reading.  Many of the stories posted on SportsCracklePop are short, sweet and to the point.  Telling the tale of Floyd Mayweather winning $200k on the Dallas Cowboys in about 150 words and still having time to crack a few jokes along the way is impressive in my eyes.  This works hand in hand with my attention span, which we already talked about.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Scrolling up and down SportsCracklePop's page you'll find pictures and videos with quirky captions or short stories to accompany them.  The sight of a YouTube video titled 'Every NFL Fan in 90 Seconds!' is enough to win me over any day of the week.  A picture of crazy, neon-colored soccer cleats and a caption that reads 'Surprisingly these aren't Christiano Ronaldo's new shoes' forced me to surrender another two minutes of my time to read what the story had to say.

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of SportsCracklePop is the fact that it is written from the sports fan perspective.  The writers aren't acting like they're a bunch of big shots that know everything there is to know.  They are very open in the fact that they are out to make their blog as entertaining and fun to read as humanly possible.  In fact, they welcome and even encourage feedback from readers on what they like and don't like about the website.  They even give you the option to send in a story or a lead with the promise of giving you a link or shout-out for anything of your they post.  Sounds like a good deal to me.

I could continue my rant about how great SportsCracklePop is until my fingers blistered, but what do I know.  Go see for yourself.

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